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Heat Treatment

Our solutions for heat treatment processes

Carburizing (N2 HG, Acetylyene)

Why Carburize with Air Liquide Thailand?

  • Optimization of carburizing treatment
  • A network of experts at your disposal
  • Security for your operators and facilities

Annealed (N2+H2) -Hardening (N2)

The advantages of choosing Air Liquide for your Annealing heat treatments

  • Meet your quality requirements
  • Facilities to improve your performance
  • Our services to get the most out of your ovens

Sintering (N2+H2+H2O, N2+H2+CH4)

Why do sintering with Air Liquide solutions?

  • A gas atmosphere suitable for sintering
  • Tailor-made solutions

  • Managing security responsibly



Manufacturing (AR+N2, AR/AR+H2+N2)

The advantages of additive manufacturing with Air Liquide

  • Global expertise
  • The best gas solutions for stress relief
  • Security


Why choose Air Liquide's Nexelia solutions for gas implementation expertise?

  • Security and risk management
  • Troubleshooting diagnosis
  • Process optimization
  • Performance Tracking