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Why choose Air Liquide's Nexelia solutions for gas implementation expertise?

Security and risk management

Regular safety audits of your installation and gas implementation equipment are the most effective solution to prevent the aging of equipment and therefore limit the potentially negative impacts on your production. Audits are important both in the control or refurbishment of an existing installation and in the design of a gas network for a new furnace.

Troubleshooting diagnosis

We can help you solve problems that might catch you off guard. Whether it concerns your

gas installation or the atmosphere of your oven, our experts react quickly, offering a troubleshooting diagnosis and appropriate solutions

Process optimization

Fine-tuning of heat treatment atmospheres is an integral part of good operating practice. Our specialists have solid experience in gas control. They help our customers to optimize the performance of their ovens and the quality of their products.

Performance Tracking

Recurring atmosphere controls ensure the quality of your production to avoid non-conformities. After the audit, our experts will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report including an analysis of performance gaps, a continuous improvement plan, and long-term follow-ups.

Skill development

Our training courses on the use of industrial gases for heat treatment help to develop the skills of operators and preserve the overall competitiveness of operations.