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An unwavering commitment to workplace safety

An unwavering commitment to workplace safety

Safety is one of Air Liquide’s fundamental core values. Our unwavering commitment to safety extends to assisting our customers in ensuring safety and compliance throughout their operations.

We work with our customers to foster the safe handling, transport and disposal of our products.

Putting Safety first

Industrial and specialty gases must always be handled with the utmost care. If not handled properly, gases under high pressure may pose serious health and safety hazards.

With over 100 years of knowledge & experience in supplying industrial and specialty gases, we have developed unparalleled expertise in the safe handling of gases. Based on this experience, we offer guidelines, practical and online training through webinars on proper gas handling procedures to help you ensure safety while using our products.

We work with our customers to foster the safe handling, transport and disposal of our products. We also provide hazard and risk information that can be applied to your operations and products.

  • Safety education, training for certificate issuance registered with the Department of Industrial Works
  • According to the law, the Ministry of Industry requires that in a factory there has to be workers with specific knowledge in order to perform duties relating to the use, storage, delivery and filling of gas (2549), and further amended by the Ministry of Industry to a second issue in 2555. Clause 3 states that all types of factories that use or store carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, acetylene, argon, helium, hydrogen or other hazardous gases as defined and published by the Minister in the Government Gazette, that has an installation of storage tanks or uses/stores gas in gas cylinders totaling 20 or more cylinders or gas is used or collected from a tube trailer container must have workers who had been trained and must be certified by the Department of Industrial Works and registered as a gas controller


Air Liquide (Thailand) has been registered by the Department of Industrial Works as a training provider and is allowed to issue training certificates for these 2 courses:

  • “Gas controller in a production, delivery, distribution or filling plant”
  • “Gas controller for plants that uses or store gases

We recognize the importance of employees working in various gas related functions to possess knowledge of the correct procedures, be aware of the safety precautions in working and can prevent and suppress dangers and damages that may arise from business operations. Therefore, this training course was organised to fulfil this. Our training facilitators are knowledgeable, competent and have up to 30 years of direct experience in the gas business. The ultimate goal is for you to be able to operate your business efficiently and in the safest manner. This course consists of theoretical learning, practical training, and certification exams.

Criterias for applicants :

  • Age over 18 years
  • Must be able to read and write Thai

The training will be held over 3 days with the following courses: 

1. Theory Training:

  • Part 1 Laws, standards, and regulations concerning factories that operate gas production, filling, use and delivery
  • Part 2 Knowledge about gases
  • Part 3 Gas storage tanks, cylinders, pipes, machineries, measuring devices and safety equipments
  • Part 4 Code of practice for gas controllers in gas production, delivery, distribution or filling plants
  • Part 5 Code of Conduct for gas controllers
  • Part 6 Code of conduct for gas fillers
  • Part 7 Code of conduct for drivers
  • Part 8 Fire prevention, suppression and emergency responses

2. Practical Training and Examination: 

  • Part 1 Methods for receiving and distributing gas
  • Part 2 Methods for moving and storing gas cylinders
  • Part 3 Preventing and stopping accidents
  • Examination


For more information or any inquiries please contact Nongnuch Thongrat, Industrial Gases Sales Representative at Tel: 085 484 9055

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